is a free service Offered by the Knoxville Police Department through the Kevin and Avonte Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant.

Take Me Home is a registry which allows family members and legal guardians to voluntarily register emergency contact information for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities (such as autism, dementia and Alzheimer’s) who live, work or go to school within the Knoxville City limits.

If an individual is found alone, or is reported missing, law enforcement and emergency services personnel can search the Take Me Home registry for emergency contact information, detailed physical description, and a photo of the individual, saving valuable time.

No matter what the age or diagnosis, our goal, at the Knoxville Police Department, is to bring your loved one home as quickly as possible utilizing the information voluntarily provided in the Take Me Home registry.

Contact Information

Email: takemehome@knoxvilletn.gov
Phone: 865-215-6819

If your loved one has wandered away from safety, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!

Tell dispatch you have registered your family member with the Take Me Home program. They will immediately notify the responding officers so they can begin the search before arriving on scene. It is our goal, at the Knoxville Police Department, to bring your loved one home as quickly as possible.

Scent Preservation Kits

The Scent Evidence Kits have been scientifically tested and proven to save lives. These kits have effectively been utilized around the world by law enforcement agencies, first responders and families. Your scent is like your fingerprint and can help first responders find the lost quickly and bring them home safely.

Each scent kit includes:
  • Specialized Evidence-grade Jar
  • Sterile Gauze Pad
  • ID Label
  • Non-Allergenic Gloves
  • Tamper Proof Tape
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Individual Preparedness Plan Flash Drive

Swipe, seal and store your loved one’s unique scent. The kit is easy to use and can last up to 10 years. The Individual Preparedness Plan Flash Drive contains reporting instructions so you will know what to do in the event your loved one goes missing. Search and Rescue K-9 units will be able to quickly utilize the scent kit to immediately begin searching for your loved one.

By completing and storing your scent kit, it will provide another layer of protection as well as aid officers in their search.

Scent Preservation Kits

The Take Me Home database is maintained by the Knoxville Police Department and can only be accessed by first responders and public safety personnel. All information is kept confidential.

By registering with the Take Me Home program, and entering the requested data, law enforcement will have the information they need to immediately begin a search, should your loved one wander away.

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Wandering Safety Prevention

Safety prevention is very similar for children as well as adults who are on the autism spectrum, have developmental delays, dementia or Alzheimer’s. Registering with the Take Me Home program is the first step in wandering safety.

Secure Home / Yard
  • Locks
  • Alarms
  • Barriers
  • Fencing
Community Safety
  • Alert Neighbors
  • Create a Safety Plan
  • Introduce to Law Enforcement & First Responders
  • Utilize Wearable Forms of ID
  • Consider a Locative Device
Teach Safety Measures
  • Enroll in Swim Lessons
  • Teach Water Safety
  • Role Play Scenarios
  • Respond to Name
  • Request Help When Lost
  • Safely Cross a Street
  • Have a Safety Plan
  • Wearable ID or ID Card
Wandering Emergency Plan
  • First, Call 911!
  • Search Bodies of Water
  • Check With Neighbors
  • Explore Abandoned Cars / Buildings
  • Investigate Favorite Locations

Local and National Resources

ASK (Autism Site Knoxville)

Autism Breakthrough of Knoxville

Autism Society of East Tennessee

National Autism Center

Adult Protective Services

Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer’s Tennessee, Inc.

Pat Summitt Foundation

Seniors Helping Seniors

DSAG (Down Syndrome Awareness Group)

National Down Syndrome Society

disABILITY Resource Center