What To Do If You’re Involved in a Crash

What should you do if you’re involved in a crash?

State law requires drivers of vehicles involved in traffic crashes resulting in death, injury or property damage of $50 or more to immediately notify the nearest law enforcement agency.

If you or any involved party are injured in a crash, call 9-1-1 and an officer will respond.

Knoxville Police Department officers will always respond to crashes that:

• Result in injury or death, or with a trapped or incapacitated individual
• Involve a suspected intoxicated or impaired driver (alcohol, drugs or medical condition)
• Involve an uninsured or unlicensed driver
• Result in a disabled vehicle in or on the roadway
• Involve a disorderly or uncooperative party, or a general disturbance
• Involve a Hazmat situation

Minor, Non-Injury Crashes

Drivers involved in a minor, non-injury crash should still call 9-1-1 or the non-emergency number at 865-215-4010. However, effective September 1, 2022, call takers might not dispatch an officer if it does not require police response based on the circumstances.

It is preferred that drivers involved in minor, non-injury crashes move their vehicles out of the roadway to a safe location and do the following:

• Politely exchange information with the other involved party or parties
• Take detailed cell phone photos of damage
• Share the applicable information with respective insurance companies
• File the required documents with the state if applicable


You Must Report Your Crash to the Tennessee Department of Safety

Per T.C.A 55-10-107, Tennessee law requires that you must file, or have filed in your behalf, a personal accident report with the Department of Safety if you were involved in a crash as an owner or driver involving death or injury, or in which damage to property was in excess of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1500) to any person involved or damage to state or local government was in excess of four hundred dollars ($400). This report is required regardless of who was at fault and in addition to any report filed by an investigating officer.

Failure to file a personal accident report with the Department of Safety shall result in the suspension of driver license and registrations or nonresident operating privileges of any person involved in an accident.

Your report must be submitted to the Department of Safety within twenty (20) days from the crash in order to avoid the proposed suspension of your driving and registration privileges.

You can satisfy this requirement by downloading, printing and completing the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Owner / Driver Report form, which can be found below. Blank copies of the document can also be obtained at Knoxville Police Department headquarters at 800 Howard Baker Jr. Avenue. The completed form should be sent to:

P.O. BOX 945