Knoxville Police Department Bureaus

The Knoxville Police Department is divided into four separate Bureaus.

The Field Operations Bureau is the backbone of the KPD, delivering the foundational police services to residents of Knoxville. Field Operations, which was previously known as the Patrol Division, is responsible for all of the in-the-field services, which include response to calls for service, patrols, foot patrols and bike patrols. The Field Operations Bureau is divided into three separate Districts – the East, West and Central Districts. Officers assigned to the Field Operations Bureau are assigned specifically to one of those three Districts.

The Investigations Bureau is responsible for all investigative services. Detectives are assigned to one of a variety of units that are dedicated to investigating specific crime types. Investigations Bureau units include the Violent Crimes, Homicide, Special Crime, Organized Crime, Property Crimes and the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

The Management Services Bureau is responsible for all of the non-patrol or investigative components of the Knoxville Police Department. Those units include Training, Payroll, Building Services, Planning and Grants, Personnel, Recruitment, Property Management, Fleet and Supplies.

The Professional Standards Bureau is responsible for all internal, administrative investigations, as well as the review and evaluation of the department’s policies, procedures and training.