Property Management

Property Management Unit

Property Management
Sgt. Bryan Davis


The KPD Property Management Unit conducts fingerprinting for the public. This occurs on Wednesdays between 12:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m., excluding public holidays. The cost is $20 and only digital prints, no ink fingerprints will be taken.

Unit Overview

The Property Management Unit is responsible for the storage and care of all property and evidence that comes into the possession of the Knoxville Police Department. The members of this unit intake, categorize, label and store all items brought in to KPD. KPD receives on average 44-plus items per day, every day of the year. This includes an average of 2-3 firearms and over 15 pieces of narcotics evidence every day. The unit is responsible for the proper storage of over 74,000 items. This includes all evidence, found items and safekeeping property.

If you have any questions or need to speak to someone in the unit, please call us at 865-215-7219.

If you would like to retrieve property, please read the following carefully:

All property is returned by appointment only.

Please call 865-215-7219 for an appointment. Please leave a detailed message in the event that the call is not answered. If possible, have the KPD report number or serial number available to be included in the voicemail message.


Email for an appointment. Please include KPD report number, serial numbers and detailed description of property in question as well as a call back telephone number

All property classified as evidence cannot be release unless one of the following is obtained beforehand:

  • A court order
    • Court Orders must contain either the confiscations/report number or serial number of the property to be released.
    • Must be filed with the clerk’s office, with an official date/time stamp
    • KPD must receive a certified copy of the Order
    • Must clearly state the authorizing DA
  • Letter/email from the District Attorney’s Office
  • Letter/email from the arresting/investigating Officer

Found property can only be released to the owner of said property. Please have proof of ownership available (receipt, serial number etc.)

Found property will be kept for 90 days, after that the finder has 10 days to file a claim for the property, unless the owner claims it first. After that time frame the property will be disposed of. This policy does not apply to firearms.

Safekeeping property will be kept for a total of 30 days. The Property Management Unit Manager/Custodian shall dispose of the safekeeping property pursuant to Knoxville Police Department policy and procedures (G.O 7.3). If not claimed after 30 days, item(s) will be disposed of.

Firearm returns

Firearms shall be returned to the rightful owner, unless otherwise prohibited by Law in cases of Safekeeping and Found Property. If a weapon is classified as evidence it will not be retuned unless the conditions outlined above in evidentiary property are met. In addition, a background and ATF check will be done on the weapon and person claiming the firearm before release. A background check and ATF check will be done on all persons and firearms before they are released regardless of classification of property.

If a firearm was taken during an investigation of a suicide attempt, or documented threats to harm oneself, the following will be needed before the release of the firearm: A letter from a treating physician stating the person in question is no longer a threat to oneself or others. The letter must be from a Doctor or licensed clinical psychologist, not a therapist or nurse practitioner.

If a person lives out of state or a great distance away, the following measures can be taken to return property:

• The owner of the property can appoint someone locally to pick up property. We will need a letter/email on file from the owner giving permission for the person to retrieve the property.

• The owner sends in prepaid and self-addressed postage to be mailed to them.

• Firearms must be sent to the closest agency for release per ATF rules.

The Property Management Unit is responsible for the collection of unwanted medication. Unwanted medication can be dropped off at KPD headquarters any time of day. Unwanted medication will be taken from individuals only. No pharmacy reps or medical offices can bring in unwanted medication. We partner with the DEA twice a year for unwanted medication collection events. These events are usually held in April and October each year. Information regarding those events can be found on the KPD social media sites.