Central District

Central District

Downtown Knoxville, South Knoxville and the area immediately surrounding the University of Tennessee campus all fall within the Knoxville Police Department’s Central District. In total, the Central District covers 15.3 square miles, which includes the Old City, Fort Sanders, the Cumberland Avenue corridor.

Central District

Download the Field Operations District and Beat Map [PDF 5MB]​

Central District Commanding Officer

Captain Sammy Shaffer

Captain Sammy Shaffer is assigned to the Field Operations Bureau as the Central District Commander. The Central District encompasses South Knoxville, Fort Sanders, the area surrounding the University of Tennessee campus, and Downtown Knoxville. Captain Shaffer has been with the KPD since 2001 and has served as a patrol officer, bicycle officer, patrol Sergeant, Lieutenant over Homeland Security / Emergency Management, and Training Director of the police academy. He also previously served on the department’s Special Operations Squad and Bomb Squad. Captain Shaffer has completed the Southeastern Leadership Academy, the Policing Leadership Academy at the University of Chicago and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Administration.

Executive Officer

Lieutenant Darrell Griffin

Community Partnership Officers

Community Partnership Officers are assigned to specific districts to help solve problems, address quality of life issues and facilitate community meetings and interactions within the district. The Central District Community Partnership Officers can be reached at 865-215-7214.

Joe Shackelford  jshackelford@knoxvilletn.gov
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